Finding Color Values for tinting Avatar Attachments

As the most of you know, finding the right RGB/Color Values can be time consuming
and frustrating as well. The rendering results of attachments are very different
compared to the SL Standard Avatar.

Most of the time you will have to add a darker color value of the base color.

Here is how you can find out any color value for your attachments
(please note, this works with Phoenix and Firestorm Viewer):

1. Open the Advanced menu. If it is not visible, you can enable it in
Preferences → Advanced → Show Advanced Menu or by pressing Ctrl-Alt-D.

2. Select then “UI” → Show Color Under Cursor (at the bottom)

What does it do?

It shows you the color values on your screen for any object in world you are
hovering your mouse over. This values you then can enter into the texture
editor → color. This way you get a really close color tone, once you have
picked the color tone you can slide in the editor the color tone up and down
for darker or brighter until you have the perfect match.

I hope you like this way as I do 🙂

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