Skin Fair 2013

Second Life – Skin Fair 2013 March 15th -31th

I am very happy to inform you that Tokyo.Girl participating in this year’s fair skin 2013th It is the first time for me, many thanks to Kira for the invitation ^ ^

There are 2 new products: Skin & Shape Combination Amelia and Miru. Both were specially created for the fair skin and for the duration of the fair skin only available there. The first pictures you can see a little further down.

Skin Fair Official Poster 2013 copy
The SIM 2 Floorplan shows you the location of Tokyo.Girl (red marked).
Skin Fair 2013 Map Sim 2 Tokyo.Girl

Amelia Shape & Skin Combination

Miru Shape & Skin Combination

  1. “Tokyo Girl” releases two new skin/shape combinations for Skin Fair 2013

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