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Tokyo.Girl Hair Eny Ad

  1. Hi hi Circe Ishtari. Just love your new hair styles. So so cute. I would like to make my avi look like the one in the picture. Can you please share the details on what she is wearing. Like her skin, shape and cloths. Thanks again for your great products.

    • Hi tomaricoy ^ ^

      Model is wearing:

      Tokyo.Girl – Hair Eny ( Model: Texture Red Ruby ; Dye: Brunette 02 )
      Tokyo.Girl – Body Shape Maki 5’3″/159cm
      Tokyo.Girl – Skin Hestia Fair
      Tokyo.Girl – Eyes Black “doll” ( Part of Eye Set 7 )

      The top is made by Coco (sleeveless blouse in black) as well as the pants (barely visible here).

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