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Tokyo.Girl . Ixi Ruffle Top & Maxi Skirt

➤ Mesh Pieces ~ixi~ [mix and match]
➤ 5 Standard Sizes
➤ Rigged/Skinned Mesh

This Outfit is splitted up in a Base and a HUD. The Base is in
white and can be re-textured with a HUD (each HUD includes 3
shades of one color). Base and HUD are separate purchases.

The Seams and Ruffles of the Top can be recolored by the HUD
separately too. The Maxi Skirt comes as slim and wide version.
The Ruffle Top HUD offers you uni color & print texture in
3 color shades.

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Maid Dress

➤ Maid Dress ( rigged Mesh in 5 Sizes (XS-XL) )
➤ Maid Pumps ( non rigged mesh with resize/stretch menu & Ankle Lock )
➤ Alpha Layer
➤ Alpha Texture (Full Permission)
➤ Style Card

<The dress is also available without pumps.>

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Tsai Latex Top & Shorts

➤ Tsai Latex Top & Bottom (mesh; rigged; +material)
➤ Standard Sizes XXS to L (skin tight fit)

Content Product Box:

➤ 5 XXS to L Tops
➤ 5 XXS to L Shorts
➤ 5 XXS to L Top & Shorts combined for easy wearing
➤ Alpha Cloth Layer for Top
➤ Alpha Cloth Layer for Shorts
➤ Alpha Cloth Layer for Shorts & Top Combination
➤ Alpha Textures for your editing, if required

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Chia Sprayer Outfit

➤ Chia Sprayer Top & Bottom (mesh; rigged; +material)

The Top is made for smaller breast, DD cup sizes, Lolas and similar won’t fit.
The outfit is made to fit snuggly standard body shape sizes.

Content Product Box:

➤ 5 Top Sizes: XXS to L
➤ 3 Bottom Sizes: XXS/XS, XS/S, S/M
➤ Alpha Cloth Layer for Top
➤ Alpha Cloth Layer for Bottom
➤ Alpha Texture for your editing, if required
➤ Style Card

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Leather Peplum Dress + Pumps

➤ Peplum Dress; Leather (Mesh; 5 Sizes XS-XL)
➤ Open Toe Pumps (mesh)

Alpha layer as well as full perm Alpha Texture included.
Tokyo.Girl Peplum Dress Leather Black Ad

Tokyo.Girl Peplum Dress Leather Brown Ad

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Ice Skating Dress Viva

➤ Ice Skating Dress . Mesh in 5 Standard Sizes
➤ 2 Alpha Cloth Layer (panties and half panties version)
➤ Alpha Cloth Layer Textures (full permission)
➤ Skates in Black & White
➤ Leggings in Black & White (optional wearing)
➤ Style Information to reproduce model look

Skates in black and white color included.
One set of each color is scripted with skating animation, other unscripted.
Leggings are modifiable, you can change color/tint them, if you wish.

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Tennis Dress

➤ Tennis Dress /mesh; rigged; 5 Sizes (XS-XL)
➤ Premade Alpha Layer + Full Perm Alpha Layer Textures

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Maternity Dress /mesh; rigged

➤ Maternity Dress (busty) /mesh; rigged in 2 elastic sizes*
➤ Texture HUD -> 7 textures to pick from
➤ Alpha Cloth Layer (optional wearing, model is not wearing it)

* Elastic sizes will fit most sizes from XXS to XL. It will respond to body
shape thickness and wideness sliders on your body shape adjuster.

This item does not require a pregnant body shape or breast implants.

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Leotard Moon

Leotard / Aerobic Dress “Moon”

Suit available with 7 different dot colors.
Wearing options are with and without leggings.

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Chiffon Cocktail Dress


This product is rigged mesh, it moves along with your body to a certain extent. Included are 5 Sizes (XS,S,M,L and XL) and alpha cloth layer.

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