Affiliate Kit

Thank you for your interest in becoming a reseller of quality products.

Currently there is no Affiliate Kit at Marketplace available. If you are interested, please use the SURL teleport to reseller location.

Vending System

– Vending System: Mall friendly CasperVend
– Vendor Permissions: Copy and Modify, no Transfer

Affiliate Commission

The Vendorsystem system takes 2% for each purchase and the remaining
funds are divided. You will get commision of the remaining funds as an
affiliate seller (35%).


Updates regarding the vendor panels will be send to you if available.
Actually this process is very simple, there is an “upgrade bee” which do all the work for you, simply rez her, touch and select “run update”.

Other things you should know as Reseller for customer care

General Product Information

All products are copyable, not transferable, not modifiable.
Product permissions won’t be changed for any customer.

Refund Information

Due to product permissions (no transfer), products are not exchangable
or refundable (unless customer double purchased by accident/lag).

In case of a legit refund, send me a notecard with transaction details of
the customer which clearly shows the double payment. Without any
proof, I do not refund. See below “Contact and Redelivery Information”
for more information.

Style Information

Some customer might ask for the Style information of the model pictured. In every product box is a notecard with all required informations regarding the style.

Contact and Redelivery Information

For any issues, send a notecard to me with:

Transaction details*:
Your Name (not display name)**:
Gift Recipient (in case of a gift):
The Issue:
*Transaction details can be found at your Secondlife Account Website
(Transaction History, copy and paste the detail informations)
** If possible, please include “Copy URI” of avatar profile to notecard.

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