Show Color Under Cursor – RGB Values in Second Life

Show Color Under Cursor – RGB Values in Second Life
> Matching Avatar Attachments to your Skin Tone <

This is a built in feature of second life viewers and very helpful
for finding the exact color or least getting close matching i.e.
primitive attachments (such as footwear, prim feet etc) to your skin.
Most of people do not know about this very neat feature yet but it
is even better than having the color value of a skin.

Suggested is that you we setup our viewer to some kind of default
for a nearly perfect result.

1. CTRL+SHIFT+Y -> Will Set Midday
2. CTRL+P -> Will open Preferences
3. Navigate to “Graphics”, deactivate Nearby Lights/Local Lights and for projectors setup
“Sun and Moon only” which will stop lighting having effect on tinting process.


1. Activate “Advanced Menu” by pressing CTRL+ALT+D
2. Activate “Develop Menu” by pressing CTRL+ALT+Q

You will notice that you have 2 extra menus at the top menu of your viewer.

In “Develop” menu (in firestorm viewer” you will find at the top
“Show Info” -> “Show Color Under Cursor”.

Once activated you will notice at the bottom right on your screen
the color value (first 3 values are RGB, the 4th is for transparency).

Hover with mouse cursor over anything on your screen will show you
the exact color value of it.

Please note that rendering of a skin is different to how the viewer renders
a prim(itive). Graphic settings and windlights do affect this also.

I hope this guide will help you in future with any skin tones.

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