Windlight for our Product Ads

➤ Updated 2014 January
➤ This topic is about how to use Tokyo.Girl Windlight Settings.

I’ve created this windlight for the purpose of taking photos of my avatar skins. On request here a little guide so you can reproduce the look of the models at the product poster.

This windlight will make your world more beauty and remove the so called ‘harsh’ shadings which are created by the rendering engine of the viewer. Please note, that it is, because of the wide variations of computer specifications (such as graphic card, monitor etc, viewer and viewer settings…), impossible to reach 100% same results but it should get you close to some standard of a view.


1. Quit any running Second Life Viewer.
2. Download the XML (windlight) file, save it to your computer: Download or alternativ:

➤ If the dialog asks you what you want to do, select “SAVE AS“.

For a detailed installation guide and how to find the proper viewer folders for where to place the windlight file see this website (by Torley Linden):

What is not covered is how to pick the windlight in Firestorm/Phoenix Viewer, so I will explain here. In both viewers you have a “quick prefs” tab at the bottom (where the inventory, search etc buttons are), you will find this button to the far right labeled with a firestorm icon.

You will see now at the quick preferences “WL Sky” with a drop down menu. Simply click that to open the available windlights. If you have not renamed the XML file from me, then you will find it at the top of the list. Select this new windlight will change the environment immediality.

If you want to go back to the default windlight “midday” of the viewer, just press the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+Y

I hope that you like this topic and that it comes handy, have a wonderful day^^
Circe Ishtari

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