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Hair Cait II

➤ All-In-One Hair “Cait II” (Mesh, not rigged)
➤ Texture & Dye Combination Menu

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Hair Cait

➤ All-In-One Hair Cait
➤ Texture & Dye Combination Menu

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Hair Betty [ all color ]

➤ All-In-One Hair Betty
➤ Texture & Dye Combination Menu
➤ Hairclip Color & Shininess Change
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Hair Katy Bob

Hair Katy Bob [all color]

– 300 possible combinations of mixing texture and dye.
– 2 Styles available (see images)
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Hair Akina [All Color]

➤ All-In-One Hair AKINA

The integrated control menu opens on touch ( top of the hair/skull).

You can now select from several options:

– 10 Hair Textures*
– 10 Light Color Filters
– 10 Dark Color Filters
– 10 Natural Color Filters
– Resizer with save & restore

* Black, 3 Blondes, 3 Browns, 3 Reds as base to be tweaked with filters, that means, there are 300 hair texture/dye combinations in just one hair. Dye your hair after your mood… maybe purple, pink, red, orange, midnight blue or or or… or just natural brown, brunette, red or black ?

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