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Bodysuit Lacy (white and black lace with various hem decoration)

➤ Semi-transparent Bodysuit with white lace and hem decoration/color as pictured.

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Leotard Moon

Leotard / Aerobic Dress “Moon”

Suit available with 7 different dot colors.
Wearing options are with and without leggings.

Leotard Moon at SL Marketplace
Inworld SURL Direct Teleport

Swimwear / Body “Pim”

➤ Swimwear; One-Piece “Pim”

Pretty Bi-Color Suit, wearable as body underneath as well if you wish. Each box contains one tattoo, jacket and pants cloth layer.

SURL Teleport / SL Market

Style Information:
Tokyo.Girl – Hair Britney [ all color ] (model shows black hair)
Tokyo.Girl – Shape Melanie
Tokyo.Girl – Skin Melanie
Tokyo.Girl – Eyes Macro Black ( Part of Eye Set 4 )