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Tokyo.Girl . Myr Boots

➤ Mesh Boots ~Myr~ + Size Changer
   Boots are available in 5 colors.

Tokyo.Girl . Myr Boots . Gold Ad

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Tokyo.Girl . Lyke Boots

➤ Mesh Boots ~Lyke~ Option: Socks on/off + Size Changer

Boots are available in 13 colors.

Tokyo.Girl . Lyke Boots . Snow Ad

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Biyu Ankle Boots

➤ “Biyu” Ankle Boots /leather /mesh; non rigged
➤ Resize Menu for easy fit
➤ 7 Heel Textures
➤ 5 Cap Textures

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Asmodina Heels – Mesh

Asmodina Heels are non rigged mesh and include a resizer system. Resize them to your likes, have a best possible fit to your body shape.

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