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Shape/Skin Combination Amelia + Miru

Shape and Skin combination Amelia and Miru: made exclusively for the SKIN FAIR 2013, now after the Fair you can purchase them at the main store and second life marketplace as well. Product demos are not listed at the marketplace but at the main store available.

Amelia/Miru @ SL Marketplace
Shape & Skins -> SURL Direct Teleport Inworld

Internal Blog link to the images of Amelia and Miru

More images by Bloggers (no order, maybe not complete but a big thank you to all bloggers for their time and work for supporting me^^):

Adora Nozaki
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Skylar Coeur
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Sydd Sinister

Skin Fair 2013

Second Life – Skin Fair 2013 March 15th -31th

I am very happy to inform you that Tokyo.Girl participating in this year’s fair skin 2013th It is the first time for me, many thanks to Kira for the invitation ^ ^

There are 2 new products: Skin & Shape Combination Amelia and Miru. Both were specially created for the fair skin and for the duration of the fair skin only available there. The first pictures you can see a little further down.

Skin Fair Official Poster 2013 copy
The SIM 2 Floorplan shows you the location of Tokyo.Girl (red marked).
Skin Fair 2013 Map Sim 2 Tokyo.Girl

Amelia Shape & Skin Combination

Miru Shape & Skin Combination