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Toya Low Rise Pants

➤ Toya Low Rise Pants ( mix & match with Toya High Waist Pants Outfit )

Direct Teleport Toya Pants.

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Body Shape – Teleria – 4’10″/148cm

– 13 Body Shapes with cup sizes AAA-H and Eyebrows
– Style Information

Handsize: 0
Feet Size: 0

Agent Height: 1.37 m (4 feet 6 inches)
Avatar Prim Height: 1.52 m (5 feet 0 inches)
Avatar Weight: 38.8 Kg (85.7 lbs)

Teleria @ SL Marketplace

Tokyo.Girl - Body Teleria Ad

Hair Nia [All Color]

➤ All-In-One Hair NIA

The integrated control menu opens on touch ( top of the hair/skull).

You can now select from several options:

– 10 Hair Textures*
– 10 Light Color Filters
– 10 Dark Color Filters
– 10 Natural Color Filters
– 10 Accessoire Colors
– Resizer with save & restore

* Black, 3 Blondes, 3 Browns, 3 Reds as base to be tweaked with filters so that you have 3oo possible combinations available.

Hair Nia @ SL Marketplace

Tokyo.Girl - Hair Nia Ad

Houki Spaghetti Top

Rigged Mesh Product, it moves along with your body to a certain extent. Included are 5 Sizes (XS,S,M,L and XL) and alpha cloth layer.

SURL Direct Teleport

Esmeralis Ankle Boots

High Heel Ankle Boots with 15 heel texture option by menu and resizer system. Available in 10 base colors.
SURL Direct Teleport: Esmeralis Ankle Boots
Esmeralis Ankle Boots @ SL Marketplace

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Hair Princess – All In One

Hairstyle with a 18 color/texture menu, resizer and accessoire control.
Also included are matching earrings.

Princess Hair @ SL Marketplace

Hairs for Yabusaka Petites

Please note that this hairstyles are created and fitted for the “Yabusaka” Petite Mesh Avatar. This avatar is required in order to use this hair.

Hairstyles include a menu for:

– Hair Textures (18 to pick from)
– Hair Filter (make hair darker; 5 steps)
– Resizer with Save & Restore

Also included:

– Skull Alpha Layer (optional wearing)

See Hairs @ Main Store Kanojo
Marketplace: Hair Jojo
Marketplace: Hair Ki
Marketplace: Hair Dena